I write about healing and self-liberation.

Projects related to healing + personal growth

  • Sparkly Dark – my newsletter on Substack, where I detail my day to day process.
  • Joy Ninja – my blog. It discusses my journey healing from attachment trauma and complex PTSD, and I also write about creativity, brain rewiring, and misc personal growth topics.
  • @art.of.self.liberation – Instagram where I make healing and growth related memes.
  • Self-Liberation Society – (pre-launch) – private transformational community of personal growth enthusiasts

Misc projects

  • cheekyboots.com – my “ideation blog” – everything I’m finding fascinating (basically what doesn’t fit into the above blogs). Also have my list of favorite AI tools here.

(I also have a current page on cheekyboots.com that discusses what I’m up to right now in more detail.)

Updated March 1, 2024